Lobster Alive Restaurant, Bridgetown, Barbados

Date of Visit : Numerous, but last time in November 2019

Lobster Alive

Lobster Alive is one of our favourite little restaurants in Barbados. Situated in the capital Bridgetown on the fabulous white sandy beach of Carlisle Bay, this little gem serves up fresh Caribbean lobster flown in from the Grenadines by the owner himself. You literally pick the lobster you want from the huge tank, and it is poached or grilled to your liking. Absolutely delicious, and served with beautiful fries and salad. 

Lobster and fries

The extensive menu not only serves lobster but various other dishes too, they even feature a ribeye steak for the non-seafood diner. A great wine list with some well-known favourites accompanies the food menu, and we enjoyed a delicious chilled bottle of ‘Minuty’ Rose with our lobster on our latest visit. You can choose a small, medium, or large lobster, and it comes as a half lobster portion, to be honest the half medium lobster is more than enough, they are huge! 

Fresh from the tank

On the evening we were there we were lucky to be entertained by a jazz band who made for a fantastic atmosphere. To sit on the deck adjacent to the white sandy beach, with the Caribbean sea literally feet away, and the sounds of jazz floating through the restaurant is just magical. Fantastic food, great service, fresh seafood, and delicious wine, this really is the best of the Caribbean.

The beach by the property

During the day the restaurant hires out sunbeds and parasols, and the sea in front of the property is absolutely fabulous, crystal clear waters and white sand, we think it’s probably one of the best beaches on the island. We absolutely love our visits to Lobster Alive, and whenever we are in Barbados either on a cruise or a land based holiday, we always put it at the top of our ‘must do’ list. If you’re ever in Barbados, and you love fresh lobster, then give Lobster Alive a visit, you definitely won’t be disappointed.