Date of flight : Latest in November 2019

Route : London Gatwick to Barbados

BA Club Class
Pea Soup starter

We’ve just taken a flight from London Gatwick South to Barbados in Club Class on BA. To be honest we love Emirates, and the service and standard is the best in the sky. BA therefore had a lot to live up to!

BA club lounge
The lounge

On arrival at Gatwick we entered the lounge, and searched high and low for a seat, it was really busy. This may have been due to the fact that BA’s computer system suffered a glitch the night before (not the first time!), and most of the flights were delayed. Our flight was only set back by 1.5 hours, so we were the lucky ones. We finally settled in the upstairs section of the lounge which we were directed to by a member of staff. The lounge offered free newspapers, a breakfast of sorts, plus pastries and breads etc, not that exciting and we had already eaten a fantastic breakfast at the Sofitel Gatwick prior to checking in. Seating was comfortable, and there was a pretty good wi-fi service too.

Our flight finally flashed up on screen and we wandered off to join it. Everyone was crowded around for embarkation, but being in Club we were called almost immediately. Once on-board we were shown to our seats, which were 10 A & B, the first row in the Club Class section. The seats were quite comfortable, and on our seat was a zip bag with a couple of blankets etc in. During the flight we did utilise this as it got quite chilly at one point. The odd seating configuration on BA means you have to actually climb over a stranger’s legs when they are stretched out in the seats behind, not ideal, especially if you are short!

Dining was pretty good, and the service was too. We opted for pea soup as a starter, and grilled Hake for mains, the soup was accompanied by a small salad with dressing and a roll. For the dessert option we plumped for the cheese option, it was ok but not amazing. We kept comparing the flight to Emirates, and it wasn’t a patch on it, we’ve been spoilt in the past!

BA Club Class
Nearly there!

Entertainment was extensive, and included a selection of the latest films plus old favourites, interactive games, moving map, television, music etc. The headphones were comfortable and blocked out a lot of the surrounding noise.

arriving in barbados

To sum up, the food, service, and comfort were all good, but the seating arrangements were very odd. If you are travelling BA and are a couple, then we would suggest the two seats by the window facing each other, or the two seats in the centre of the plane facing the same way. If you are travelling on your own then a window seat or an aisle seat, but NOT the centre seat otherwise you will be spending your whole flight married to a stranger! There are electric privacy panels on the central aisle seats, and between the window and aisle seats which can be raised after take-off. On this flight there was a young single gentleman sitting in the centre section, and the woman next to him was drunk and arguing with her husband the entire way! We felt so sorry for him, an 8 hour nightmare!!