Stuart and ChristinaAbout us.. 

Welcome to The Posh Travel blog. Our names are Stuart & Christina, and we both love all things travel, and all things food! We met 26 years ago, while working together in a travel agency, and as they say..’the rest is history’..

The lowdown..

Having owned our own travel agency company for the past 20 years, we have been lucky enough to explore the World, reside in some of the finest hotels, and dine in some wonderful restaurants. We now spend half the year in our home on the glorious south coast of Spain near Marbella, and the remainder of the time we are in our North Norfolk home, or fitting in as much worldwide exploration as we can!

The eureka moment…

It was one sunny afternoon recently that we were both discussing what a shame it was that all our knowledge gleaned from years of travelling would be wasted, when we had our eureka moment.. why not create a new travel blog?!.. Soon after ‘The posh travel blog’ was born. Our aim for the blog is to give you honest, useful, and interesting advice on the destinations we have visited. Yes, we love to visit the glamorous 5* hotels and restaurants, but we also like to visit smaller more intimate places, and feel these are the suggestions we would like to share with our readers – great places to stay, fantastic places to eat, and amazing sites to see. Sometimes we just see a bargain and go, and it’s not posh & 5*, but a holiday is what you make it, and we’ve had some great times just winging it!


As we are spending so much time now on our wonderful stretch of coastline in Southern Spain, we decided to separate the blogs for the Costa Del Sol and set up new Facebook & Instagram pages too. The interest has been phenomenal and we are growing at super speed! Whereto concentrates on places to eat, stay, visit and any other information we think you may be interested in. The Costa Del Sol is such a diverse area, with fabulous beaches, restaurants, shopping, and of course places to visit. We will also be encompassing any highlights of inland Andalusia, of which there are many, wonderful places you can explore during your time in this incredible part of the World.


Cruise is a firm favourite with us, and we are delighted to bring you the low down on a number of ships we have travelled on, and including suggestions on what to wear, where to eat, drinks packages, and other useful information. Also ideas for excursions during your time ashore, hidden beaches, local restaurants and more. We want this to be the ‘go to’ travel blog when you are researching your next holiday or cruise, and are looking for some inspiration.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, and we both hope you enjoy reading our blog and find it helpful. Personal, Open, Sincere & Honest reviews, that’s what we are aiming for..

Next Steps...

If you would like to contact us for any information or help please contact us via the link