Sirocco at Lebua, State Tower, Bangkok

Date of visit : Latest January 2020

The Gold dome at Sirocco

Having visited the Sirocco Bar at the State Tower in Bangkok on a couple of occasions in the past, we decided to have another go on our recent stay in Bangkok. We were staying at the Shangri-La Hotel, which is conveniently just around the corner from the State Tower (see separate review).

Lebua Hotel, State Tower

The upper floors of the State Tower are dominated now by the Lebua Hotel, and its selection of high end bars and restaurants. Its situation affords the most spectacular views across Bangkok, and each dining venue has a different perspective. Our evening was spent at the main attraction, Sirocco, which consists of a fine dining restaurant and a fabulous wrap around illuminated bar with a birds eye view of Bangkok by night. You literally are dining and drinking on a huge balcony jutting off the side of a very tall skyscraper, it’s incredible!

Incredible views

After taking the elevator up, which incidentally isn’t very special as it’s situated in a shopping precinct, you are deposited on the 63rdfloor. Here Thai staff in their beautiful outfits escort you to the entrance to Sirocco. Outside there is a jazz band playing at the top of a sweeping flight of stairs, and as you descend your breath is taken away by the mesmerising view. A gold dome above completes the picture, and you know you are in for a very special evening.

Incredible views

The restaurant serves an eclectic Mediterranean menu, and the food and service is first class. Unfortunately, the drawback of dining with this spectacular view is of course the price! For four of us with a very mediocre bottle of wine the bill came to over £200 per head. This was just for starters, mains, no desserts or coffees and the mediocre wine! Ouch! You could always just stop by for an overpriced drink, admire the wonderful view, and then slip off to find a more reasonable dining option, probably what we will do in the future if we are ever in Bangkok again. For us it was a bitter pill to swallow, because we visited Sirocco years ago when there was no restaurant, just the spectacular bar, and for us it was better in those days. It is terribly commercialised now, and they are after every penny you have! Still, if you haven’t been before and experienced it, and are prepared to dig deep, then it is a lovely evening and one you won’t forgot for a long time afterwards.