Cruise Port Visit – Puerto Limon, Costa Rica (& Zip Wiring!)

Date of visit : December 2019

Cruise ship : Marella Discovery 2

Zip Wiring in Costa Rica!

What an amazing day we had in Costa Rica. We opted for the ‘Zip Wire & Tortuguero Canal’ excursion through the cruise line, and we made the right choice..

First up was the Zip-Wire centre ‘Brisas de la Jungla’. We’d never been before so this was a new experience for us. Set in the rainforest above Puerto Limon, access was by coach (30 minutes) followed by small minivan to take you to the top, and the location of the first run. After a very comprehensive safety briefing and demonstration, and being fitted out with helmets and harnesses, we queued up and waited our turn. Butterflies were dancing in our stomachs as we approached the platform, it looked very high and very long and very fast!!!! Still we closed our eyes and we were off. Whizzing across the rainforest of Costa Rica hundreds of feet below was a surreal experience and one we will never forget. The lines got steeper and faster the further we went. Christina was a natural, I was a bit green around the gills, heights have never been my thing!!! To be honest I was pleased when my feet touched terra firma and I could get to the bar to calm my nerves! Still it was great fun and there was a big mixture of ages in our group from 10 to 65 and none of them looked phased by it, was it just me?! There were nine runs in all, and it took about 2 hours from start to finish, including the pre-necessaries.

Next up we re-joined our coach and headed for the Tortuguero Canals behind the beaches in Puerto Limon. The canals are famous for the myriad of wildlife that resides there, including Caimen crocodiles, Howler Monkeys, Sloth and a variety of birdlife. Unfortunately, the rainforest lived up to its name and the heavens literally opened! Luckily we had a covered boat so the worst of it was deflected, but we still went back to the ship very damp! The boat tour lasted about an hour, and we were lucky to see Herons, and a Sloth carrying her baby looking for lunch. It was very peaceful in the waterways, with the exception of the Howler Monkeys making their very strange calls, and you really experienced a taste of the deep jungle. 

It was a fantastic day and one we won’t forget quickly..

Tip : We booked the coach tour, but in hindsight there were numerous taxi drivers with minivans touting for business on the quayside, and their prices were extremely reasonable. I’m sure they would have done the tour for a lot less. We paid £80 each for the tour, but the taxis quoted Christina’s brother only $35USD for a 4 hour tour plus entrance fees on top… ouch! The tour though was really well organised, we had the back up of Marella, and fresh fruit stops – I bet the minivan didn’t offer that! 🙂